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Customer Comments (some names removed for privacy)


Mark, I did receive the amp on Friday and am very impressed, as I knew I would be. I have used a lot of high end boxes in the past and this one blows them away. For the last five years my main box was a Matchless HotBox, which is good, but yours really produces the feel and tone of an over-driven amp. I am not one to write reviews, but I do plan to give you a favorable one on Harmony Central once I have used it a bit more. Hope to do more business with you in the future and thanks for a great product. –Keith

Well I tried out the Ol' Stage Hog today and It is out of sight!! I'm
just using it as a practice amp right now. I started playing it through one
of my THD 2x12 cabs and couldn't stop playing for a few hours. It really has
a lot of tones and sounds in it. I can't wait until you get my other Stage
Hog from Theodore so I can play both of them at the same time. That will
really be cool. I'll try it out as a pedal with my other amps soon.

Thank you so much,

Hey Mark,

   I just wanted to tell you if you ever need a job, you could sure get one
packaging things. Man that is the best packing job of anything I have ever
received in the mail. Thanks again.
I don't have time to try out the Stage Hog just yet(holiday weekend) but
will soon.


Hi Mark,

I've been playing around with the amp over the last couple of days at both
high and low volumes and I must say that I'm very impressed.  I really like
the way you've voiced the amp and the low end is perfect with my 2x12
Greenback loaded cab.

The implementation of the powerscale and the associated drive control is
excellent and it's really easy to dial in the exact amount of power amp
break-up and compression.  I love the FAT control!  It really has a huge
effect on the sound unlike the Vibe control on my London Power Studio amp
which is fairly subtle.

I'm glad that I ended up taking the amp with the footswitchable gain.  This
is a really great feature and will eliminate the need to use my treble
booster pedal.  I like it so much that I want to get the feature added to my
LP Sustainer pre-amp at some point.

I'm really happy with the amp and your professional handling of the process.
I'm sure we'll be doing some more business at some point :-)


Hi Mark,

I got the LJ10 earlier this week.  Totally blown away – now everyone knows what I’ve been talking about for the last 6 months.  Got to take it to our practice last night and the other musicians were astonished… sound person wouldn’t let me turn it up too much - - “gotta keep balance b/n the sound system and the guitar speaker” (I’ll work on them) – but even at extremely low volumes, it’s got perfect tone.  I love how it responds to my hands – B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

Hi Mark,

The Stage Hog arrived. It is beautiful looking and sounding!

Again, thanks for such a great product. I played it now on several gigs and everytime I think how beautiful it is to have such great tone without turning up too loud.

Best regards,

Mark, amp arrived today.... perfect timing seeing that today is my birthday (how'd you plan that one!?)

very nice amp, it's going to take a bit of playing with it to dial it in for me but after an hour of playing I'm very impressed with its flexability!

thanks much!

Hi Mark,

   The Stage Hog is incredible! You have really nailed it - I believe this is the best kept secret in the industry.  At this point I don't think I have any questions, and I definitely don't have any concerns. I have been tube swapping quite a bit, so far my favorite combo is a GE 12ax7 (pre) and a Mullard 12au7 in the power amp. 

   I have a custom deluxe with a clean tone that's killer, so I couldn't bring myself to use another amp with two channels because of the tonal compromise. The SH easily covers a second channel, and now I don't have to worry about screwing with my clean tone. Plus: NO stomp boxes I have ever tried sounded great with my strat's in-between tones, but the SH thickens them up just right with lots of clarity.

   Well, I'm done gushing, but long story short: The SH is the last word in distortion on the current market. Thanks for making a great product!

   PS:  (The gain switch is just what I needed!)

It´s such a great little tube amp.
I had a feeling it would be IT for me,and I was right.It would have been 
good without the power scale,but the power scale is what makes it stand 
I have NEVER  heard a tube amp.sound so fat at these sound levels.That´s a 
great feeling.

I have an Ibanez Vai Signature Jem 77 FP,and it sounds exactly like on the 
"Eat`em and smile" CD.That wide sound.And allthough there are distortion 
on,I can hear ALL the strings.Very great.And no noise too..:o)
Have a great day.

Hey Mark...
Last night I had a real test drive of the animal.Its exactly what I needed 
Mark.You should try to hear when I sat the Boss SE 50 into it.Damn Mark.I 
had everything,from good clean tones,and up to fluid singing feedback.My 
friends freaked!
Its a very good and wellbuildt thing Mark.Damn it have almost no noise 
even in high gain situations.Hehe great.

Im VERY pleased with it,thanks again man.;o

Dear Mark...
It´s a very good little amp Mark.Just the little test drive I gave it 
before,confirmed that it will be a great thing to have.
I tried it without effects or anything,and I was amazed of how much bottom 
it have.

And I can hear that I can play with the gain possibilities.It´s nice that 
I can do that.It was not possible with the "Cream Machine" because it was 
designed to only play high gain.I actually think(with the right gain 
combo),that I can play,just using the volume knob.

It has been a pleasure to deal with you Mark.And you can rest assured that 
I will tell everybody about the Stage Hog!

Thanks man...:o)

Hi Mark

The Stage Hog arrived perfectly, and I’ve had the weekend to give it a try, its great, got the sound I need easily with a 2 x 12.

So many thanks and keep up the good work!


Hi Mark, playing around with the Stage Hog sure is a lot of fun!  Overall, a
really great pedal. I love how amp-like (well duh.. its an amp!) it is and
how easy it is to impart a player's feeling into its sound.

As shipped it is definately a lower gain setup which nicely fattens up an
amps distorted tone. In this configuration it feels like a medium-gain
overdrive. Very musical, and also quite transparent.

Having played around with the lower-gain tones I am now trying for the more
aggressive, higher-gain sounds, and I will be trying the higher-gain JJ that
you shipped with the SH.


Hey the SH today.  Sounds amazing...nice work.  I have been at it for about 4 hours tweaking.  Definitely the most transparent pedal money can buy. 

Thanks Mark...this thing is outstanding!!

Thanks a lot Mark, just got the Stage Hog this afternoon. What a neat pedal
just to look at; without even plugging it in I can tell that it means
business ;-)

I'll be spending lots of time with it over the next week or two and I will
most definately share the distilled version of my tonal experiments with

I can only imagine how busy you must be filling those orders in addition to
running the busines end of it, and yet you still have time to type out
thoughtful and detailed answers to questions and emails. Its been a true
pleasure dealing with you.


Just purchased a LJ-10 Stephenson amp from B Sharp music in Regina and all I can say is...damn!  Who would have thought a low powered single channel amp could be so incredibly versatile!  It is not the same as the current models (Serial #324) but this has that "fat" power tube sound I have been looking for.

Thanks for a great product!

Hi Mark,

I have now extensively tested the Stage Hog at home and with the band. This
thing is great !!! Finally somebody got it right.

I found the Stage Hog most pleasing when plugged before a clean amp (various
Fenders and a Holland Brentwood). With the band I used a Holland Brentwood
2x12'' set up clean. The Stage Hog settings are close to your starting
point. This sounds very much like a cranked Marshall but finally I can have
this sound without being too loud. Even the band members noticed the
difference in sound quality. I used a Telecaster with a hot single coil in
the bridge and a humbucker in the neck. I was able to get almost clean tones
to outright screamin' tones just by adjusting the guitar volume. Even
overdriven it maintains definition of all notes and attacks. It took a while
to get used to this since the good articulation also means that it is less
forgiving but after the third song I got it. Made me actually play cleaner
(I simply had to).

What is also great that the Stage Hog is so quiet. It is much quieter than
the distortion pedal I used before. The footswitch is a great idea although
I must admit I did not need it in the rehearsal.

Thanks for your offer to test the 5751. Right now I am happy with the Stage
Hog just the way it is. I am however thinking of ordering a second one which
can then be set up for a cleaner sound. Do you offer other colours than

Thank you so much for such a great product. It has ended an almost 20 year
lasting search in the quest for good tone irrespective of the volume and I
finally got it. I will now keep my Fenders and sell my Marshalls.

Best regards,

Hi Mark,

The Hog arrived today!Everything is all right.It sounds better than 
ever.The voicing switch is just perfect for my needs.It's exactly how I 
pictured it.Man,you must have a great ear!But,I know that already...
The Hog is what every product should be like...just always gratifying.I've 
been trying to spread the word about it because I genuinely believe it's 
the best around and more.

Thanks for a great product,

The amp sounds great!  It is much better than all the amps
I've ever owned, and that's quite a lot of them.  So far
it gives me every sound I've been looking for: Floyd,
Rush, and modern gain...real modern gain, not some cheesy
attempt.  Now, the onus is clearly on the type of guitar
and the player, which was precisely what I was after.
 Definitely worth the money, seeing as how this amp will
probably be my only amp (unless I came into some money.)
Also, the power scale delivers on the claims, so I was
happy about that.  Great for practice levels.

Thanks Mark

I look forward to trying the SH - Very complimentary comments on my tone from the LJ keep coming from all audiences (even though the playing hasn't got any better!) - I'm delighted with the amp and your service -

Talk soon


Thanks again Mark,

Each time I play my amp, I have this feeling of "extreme satisfaction" that
I never had before.  The PSK and the OT mod are like and "extreme makeover"!

I'm so happy with it!  I can't wait each evening to play my amp after a day
at work.

An addicted to PSK,

Hi Mark,
I just submitted the PayPal request for the FMD pedal. Thanks again. It has really been a pleasure working with you throughout this process. You have always provide me with thoughtful answers and great advice. The time you have taken to talk with me about my needs and to help design an amp that really fits my purpose is very much appreciated. I really will do my best to encourage clients to consider you the next time they need an amp.  

Hi Mark,
I'm loving the amp and cabinet. I've been getting some really jaw dropping tones out of it. I'm sure I haven't discovered all of the possible tones this thing has to offer. I've used it on two different recording projects now and it records really well. Everyone who has played through it has been very impressed with the amp. I'm extremely happy with it.
I am also enjoying the Fix My Duck pedal. I'm definitely going to want to keep that around the studio.

Hi Mark,

My amp arrived safe and sound today. Opening it up was like Christmas when I was younger. I was just so excited to unpack everything.

That was just part of the fun. When I turned this amp on and hit a chord I had the biggest smile on my face. I can say without a doubt this is the tone I have been searching for all along. Playing guitar can be an expensive hobby when searching for the tone you want and I have paid the price with other amps. 

But the search has ended. I can't thank you enough for the hard work and research that you have put into this amp. There are so many options on this amp that I will be busy for a while. I might have to call in sick tomorrow. 

Thanks very much Mark.


To paraphrase Brutus:

"It arrived

It rocks

It remains"

Translation: I like it, I'm keeping it.


The amp sounds beautiful. Honestly man I have been playing and buying gear for over 10 years and the amount of times I have traded gear is ridiculous. I still feel the same way about your amp now as when I bought it almost 2 years ago. Thats why Im getting another! 

Hi Mark,
I received the 20-watt head on Saturday. Still waiting on the cab. It made the journey unscathed and arrived in perfect condition. I love the plum color. I started out with your recommended tubes (EL84, EL34, and 6V6) and plugged it into my 2x12 open back Boogie cab. The sound is fantastic and the amp is insanely versatile. I can't imagine a better studio amp. I played through it for hours this weekend and I couldn't find an unusable tone. I'm really looking forward to hearing it through the FV1x12. 

hi mark

received pedal just moments ago. well packaged!! and thanks for a manual!

esthetically the artwork! compliments to your daughter.

thanks again

Hi Mark,

I have been playing the amp for a week now and I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with it.  No problem getting a great sound, even with my archtop.  The reverb is excellent, so much better than any of my previous amps.  I have little reason to tweak the eq knobs other than to adjust for different guitars base response.  So easy to get the right tone.  Reminds me of my high end stereo amp that only has a volume knob. 

My thanks for coming up with exactly what I wished for in all aspects, including appearance.  What a great piece of work.  After I  get around to using the ulltralinear and valve select functions more I will give you my feedback on these. 

Thanks again for the great amp.


Hi Mark sorry for not getting back to you. the Stage Hog sounds wonderful and is perfect for my recording in the studio here.



   I received the amp.  It is wonderful. It sounds great.  I am extremely happy and inspired. 

   Thank you for all of your help.  Great customer service. 

   Thanks again, 

Hey Mark,

Just thought I'd drop another email and say the amp is killer!  It's a hit with my band and they say they notice everything in my sound just sounds better.