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Photos of the Billy Talent Recording session in 2005:

 Amps and more amps

Some Stephenson amps mixed in with some very cool old amps!

Center row, top to bottom:

-“My Amp” is a custom LJ-15 30-watter

-Original-style 30 watter (2-channel with loop)

-Custom 60-watt (4 EL34’s)

30-Watt and Marshalls

-New style 30-watt sitting on top of two Marshalls that I just serviced for this session.

LJ-15 and friends 

All amps in this shot were serviced by Stephenson amps.

- Top right: Blonde Fender Tremolux

- Marshall 1967 Super Trem Marshall

- Top middle; custom LJ-15

- 30-watt

- Custom 60

- Top left: new style 30

- 1973 Marshall Super Lead

- 1973 Marshall 50 watt

Custom Amps

Custom amps

Left to right – convertible bass amp sitting on custom 1x10-1x12, 2x8 harmonica amp sitting on 40-watt reverb 1x12, 1x12 LJ-10 sitting on closed-back 1x12 extension cab, 1x12 open-back extension cab

More amp & cabs

Convertible Bass Amp

- Convertible bass amp

Deluxe and Les Paul

Plum Deluxe and Les Paul - click to enlarge!

Deluxe Head

Deluxe head in white - click to enlarge!

Figured wood Custom

Figured hardwood Custom head - click to enlarge!

30-watt in plum

Detail shot of 30-Watt in plum Tolex - click to enlarge!

Custom build

Custom build - click to enlarge!

Standard amp with custom black & white Tolex

Standard amp with custom Tolex mix of black & white - click to enlarge!

Original 2-channel 30-watt

Original 2-channel 30

2-channel LJ-15

2-channel LJ-15

LJ-10 in purple

Custom LJ-10 in purple cab

40-watt 1x12 combo

40-watt 1x12 combo

Custom 3-Channel Build

Custom Build

Dual Plexi with KT66's

Full Stack

JTM45-Inspired Build


Royal Plexi