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Stage Hog - our pedal-sized tube amp!

Stage Hog amp

The Stage Hog is a pedal-sized tube amplifier designed for guitar players.

The Stage Hog is a 1-watt all-tube guitar amplifier that doubles as a distortion pedal and a low-wattage practice/studio amplifier. When used as a practice amp, the "speaker out" jack can be plugged into any type of guitar cabinet. When used as a distortion pedal, the "line out" jack can be plugged into any guitar amp input.



  • all-tube preamp
  • all-tube power amp
  • Stage Hog Q & Abuffered output
  • Power Scale™ master volume (London Power wattage control)
  • high-voltage power supply, so tubes are run in their “sweet range”
  • custom made-in-Canada transformers
  • 120/240vac mains operation
  • remote switching pedal allows Stage Hog to be placed on the pedal board or in the backline with the guitar amplifier.


The majority of tube distortion pedals on the market today produce preamp distortion.
The Stage Hog is different because it relies on power amplifier saturation for distortion (power tube distortion).

The Stage Hog has all the components that a full-size guitar amp has: high-voltage power supply, tube power section with output transformer, and tube preamp.

I originally designed the Stage Hog so I wouldn’t have to lug two amps to every gig - an amp for clean tones, and an amp for distortion.  I wanted an all-out cranked tube amp sound for my gain channel (cranked plexi), and the ability to bypass the pedal for my clean sound. Also, I wanted access to these sounds at any volume level without relying on two large amplifiers.

This is the idea behind the Stage Hog, and since it is a regular guitar amp (just miniaturized), it will drive a speaker cabine It's a great little practice amp! The Power Scale feature allows control over the level of power tube saturation; the Power Scale used in conjunction with the gain and mode switches enables tones from dark and saturated, bright and focused, and everything in between.


Tube amp controls:

Power Scale control

- Power Scale™ is the propriety technology of London Power and is used under license agreement. PS is a wattage control master volume that allows for varying amounts of power tube coloration (compression and saturation). Lower settings are darker and more distorted, while higher settings are cleaner and brighter.


Gain control etc.

- Gain control adjusts preamp level

- Tone control adjusts preamp tone

- Voice switch toggles between a "fuller, mellower, less gain tone" to a "tighter, brighter, and gainier tone".

- Mid switch boosts midrange. It is a 3-position type that works as follows: down = mid-boost always off; middle = mid-boost always on; up = mid-boost active only when Lead feature (footswitch) is engaged

- Bright switch boosts treble and acts like a gain switch when Gain control is dialled back. 


Line Out Controls:

Line Out controls

- Rhythm Level sets the line-level output going to the monitor amp (high-volume amp); this control is used to match the bypassed signal to the "on" signal when the Stage Hog is being used as a distortion pedal.

- Rhythm Tone controls the tone when the rhythm channel is selected.

- Lead Level sets the line-level output going to the monitor amp, normally adjusted a little hotter than the rhythm level, for a solo boost.

- Lead Tone controls the tone when the lead channel is selected.

The Line controls have no effect on the sound when the Stage Hog is being used as an amplifier driving a speaker cabinet. 




The Stage Hog's footswitch provides 3 sounds.
1. Both switches Off (LEDs OFF) = Bypass
2. 1st switch ON (red LED lit) = Rhythm
3. 2nd switch ON (yellow LED lit) = Lead


Back View:

Stage Hog back 

Back view with tube cage removed

- GND switch is used to eliminate ground hums



Stage Hog top

The Stage Hog uses two-dual triode tubes: one 12AX7 type and one 12DW7 type. The 12AX7 is the tube on the left-hand side; this is the pre-amp. The 12DW7 tube is the one on the right; this is the power-amp. Since the amp only has two tubes, changing either one has a major influence
on the tone.

The Stage Hog is supplied with current-production tubes. Of course, it doesn't hurt to experiment with different makes and brands, so here are some possible tube choices that can be used in the Stage Hog:

In the 12AX7 location:

  • ECC832 (JJ version of 12DW7)
  • 12AU7 cleaner tones
  • 7025 US military part #
  • 5751 moderate gain (crunch)
  • 12AY7 moderate gain with nice clarity

In the 12DW7 location:

  • ECC832 (JJ version of 12DW7)
  • 12AU7 less gain and cleaner tones
  • 7247 US military part #

  Tube choices for cleaner tones:
  • Running a 12AU7 in the 12DW7 location will provide less gain from the amplifier’s output section
  • Running lower-gain tubes such as the 5751 and 12AY7 in the 12AX7 location will provide less gain from the amplifier’s preamp
  • 12AU7s in both Stage Hog tube locations for the cleanest possible tones.

 Stage Hog size
Stage Hog and foot switch size referenced against a CryBaby

Stage Hog complete
Stage Hog comes with a mini remote switch and detachable cable

Interested in a Stage Hog? See our Price Page for ordering information!